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The American Degree Program provides you with the opportunity to experience the American education system. You will experience an all rounded approach, balanced by theoretical and practical knowledge via lectures, group work, projects, presentations and field trips among others. The program enhances your academic performance through various coursework, with less focus on examinations.The multifaceted assessment included in this program is designed to take a more nuanced and textured approach to measure your achievements.

American Degree Program

Business & Accountancy prides itself for its highest quality business education with industry-relevant and innovative programmes that adapt to the ever-changing business world. We’re committed to developing global business professionals by offering real-world business programmes, designed with integration of industry and the business community.

The Faculty of Business & Accountancy is the largest and oldest in SEGi and prides itself on providing the highest quality business education. Providing industry relevant and innovative programmes that adapt to the ever-changing business world, the faculty is committed to developing global business professionals by offering real-world business that are designed in conjunction with industry and the business community. At SEGi, you’ll experience a variety of learning methods including lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations and practical sessions on the job. We also draw a large number of top-notch academics and industry captains into our community, who serve as academic advisors, lecturers, examiners and moderators.

Business & Accounting

Creative Arts & Design

Programmes offered from the Faculty of Creative Arts and Design provides a blend of theory with practice. You will develop skills in communication, problem solving and ethical understanding, as well as studio-based skills in your chosen areas of study. Our graduates have a well-developed artistic sense, strong visual problem solving skills and the technical skills needed to produce innovative and exciting work for a range of applications.

Technology & Innovation

From desktops to laptops to PDAs, and mobile phones to satellite TVs and iPods, computing is everywhere, all around us, and in every part of our work and play.  Technology and its uses are limited only by the extent of our imagination. The continuing growth of the industry is becoming more and more prominent; hence, the demand for industry players are ever growing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube has become a common term due to the result of rapid technology growth.  The systems, software and hardware all have to be developed by experts with in-depth knowledge and skills to design, develop and deliver technology that can be used to improve our lives. 

The Information Technology industry is reshaping many aspects of the world’s economies and structures of governments and societies. In developing countries, governments, businesses and the public are harnessing the transformative power of technology to make public services more efficient, to grow businesses and to strengthen and expand social networks.  Technology has made an influential impact on the society today and is well paving the way for what is possible in the future.

Engineering & The Build Environment

The Faculty/School of Engineering focuses on a student-centered environment, allowing student-teacher interaction from Malaysia and our partner universities worldwide. You have access to work in advanced laboratories and workshops with essential tools in the development of engineering skills. The programmes are delivered using applied methodologies and state-of-the-art engineering facilities. We offers an impressive range of engineering disciplines from Foundation and Diploma through to Bachelor and Master degrees in disciplines including chemical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. Our engineering students have gone on to write many success stories and the Faculty is proud to count more than 200 students who obtained First Class Honours in engineering from top-notch universities worldwide.

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